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Small Groups are not “another thing” at Harvest; they are the main channel for discipleship and care for each person who is a part of the Harvest family.

Group meetings are normally two hours and include time for Bible discussion, accountability, and prayer, as well as informal times to build relationships with others in the group.

God wants every follower of Jesus to be continually growing as we worship Christ, walk with Christ, work for Christ and witness for Christ.  


Tuesday 6:30pm - Men's and Women's groups at church

Contact Rodger and Marlene Manning @

Tuesday 6:30pm - Young Adult's group

Contact Emily Kenney @

1st/3rd Sunday 5:30 pm - Mix group at church

Contact Adam Seaney @

2nd/4th Sunday 6:30 pm - Mix group at Norm/Teri Fogerty's   434 E. Prospect St.  Oneida

Contact Teri Fogerty @

Sunday 9:00am - Sunday morning study group  

For more information about small groups contact Pastor Jim Shannon @

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