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The mission at Harvest is to fulfill the Great Commission given by Jesus in Matthew 28:19-20.  We want to see people come to know Christ and grow in Christ.  We want to see people become and grow as disciples of Christ.

But how does one know if a person is growing as a disciple of Christ?  At Harvest it's about 4 W's.  We believe a growing disciple of Christ will worship, walk, work and witness for Christ.

Worshipping Christ is regularly and consistently attending our worship service.

Walking with Christ is growing and becoming more like Christ.  So we walk with our personal foot, in which we practice spiritual disciplines, like worship, bible study, and prayer.  We also develop our community foot.  This is where we encourage people to be part of a small group.  To grow with and in the community of other believers.


Working for Christ is using our talents, abilities, experiences, and spiritual gifts to serve in ministry.


Witnessing for Christ is sharing our faith with those who don't know Christ and look for opportunities to extend an invite to attend our worship service. 

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