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    Harvest Youth is for Grades 6 - 12 with the purpose of helping our youth develop their walks with Christ and building a strong foundation.  It's our desire to see students grow in their faith and become devoted disciples of Christ.

    We meet on Sunday nights from 6:30-8:30pm and here's how it breaks down.

    6:30-7:00pm - Time to hang out in the youth center and play pool, listen to music, play xbox, eat some food and have fun.

    7:00-8:00pm - We have a time of worship.  We want our teens learning to lift high the name of Jesus in Worship. 

    We have a time of teaching from God's Word.  We want to see our teens learning that the Bible needs to foundational for their lives.

    Then we break out into four small groups: junior high girls, junior high boys, senior high girls and senior high boys. This is where we take the lesson and apply it deeper for students personally.

    8:00-8:30pm - Hang out and get ready to call it a night.